Albany Lacrosse Club Reaches Out To Nicaragua Via Lacrosse The Nations

I consider myself a fairly generous person. I’ve volunteered my time on occasion and written a check or two for whatever the latest “shaved head, bucket, Crisco challenge” was trending at the time. My daughters recently raised a few grand for St. Jude Children’s Hospital and I’m certain a small portion of my paycheck goes somewhere…. to someone…. helpful….. I think. Well, I’m certain it’s going to a good cause, at least that’s what I remember the HR lady saying, plus it’s tax deductible.

I sleep pretty sound at night knowing that I give my fair share to help mankind.

Then, I saw a post on Twitter that really made me pause. The tweet was from the Albany Lacrosse Club. It said something about their President traveling to Nicaragua to “grow the game”. I glanced over it and continued scrolling, trying to find more hate tweets about the Orioles putting Chris Davis in the lead off position. I mean really? Dude is batting .050!

I eventually made my way back to the Albany post, clinked on the link and kept reading. That link lead to another link, and another, and so on. For a solid hour I read about all the great things the Albany Club Lacrosse Team, Lacrosse The Nations and Mike Geremia were doing for real people, in far away places. People that were truly in need.

Mike Geremia is the President of the Albany Lacrosse Club and he’s not just writing checks or pouring buckets of water on his head to save the world. He’s traveling to 3rd world impoverished nations, donating an awful lot of his time and energy for a really great cause, all while spreading awareness of the game of lacrosse.

We reached out to Mike to find out what this was all about. This is what he had to say:

Thank you for reaching out! Basically, Lacrosse the Nations (LtN) is a foundation that was built on the idea of growing the game of lacrosse and providing such opportunities to underprivileged communities and kids. We are specifically focused on a community in Nicaragua right now. All participants were asked to start a “team” based on our respective school. We are asked to set a goal of $1000 to raise for the children and families we associate with so we can help provide health and educational needs for these individuals. I will be representing all of UAlbany lacrosse, as well as the NCLL as I am a club lacrosse player and believe the NCLL deserves similar recognition as to what NCAA teams receive.

All donations go to the LtN fund, which will go directly to the community in Nicaragua. There will be a number of us going, including my sister Erica who is the assistant coach at Washington & Lee University. Our trip begins August 12th and we will be down there for just over a week.

Mike Geremia

Mike and the team have raised a quarter of their goal to date. We’d like to meet up with Mike upon his return to discuss his pilgrimage. If you’d like to chip in to help Mike make this trip a reality, visit his donation page right here.

So who and what is Lacrosse The Nation?

According Brooke Wilson, Communications and Development Director for LtN, “Team LtN is a network of lacrosse teams and players across the world pulling together to do some good through our favorite sport; However, Lacrosse the Nations, itself, is an international non-profit that works to unite this network of players to do good – and Team LtN is a campaign of ours that we do every spring season that high school, college, and club teams join in on as a platform to raise funds, awareness, and organize trips down to our programs to grow the game and coach our players down in Nicaragua.”

To date LtN has managed to raise $46,000 of it’s $80,000 goal. Pretty amazing. Check out their home page and learn more, or check out this video up on their YouTube page.



Inspirational to say the very least. So, when it comes to giving back to your community and truly being champion to the betterment of mankind, don’t be like me, be like Mike.

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