Binghamton Tops Ithaca for Empire Conference Championship

The Binghamton Bearcats captured the 2019 Empire Conference Championship with a 9-5 victory over 7th ranked Ithaca this past weekend. With the victory, the Bearcats will travel to Annapolis this weekend as part of the Division II Elite 8, and battles for a shot at the NCLL national Championship on Sunday.

Ithaca earned the right to face Binghamton by downing RIT in a very close match, 7-6. RIT were rankled 2nd in the nation and were the defending Empire Conference Champs.

The Bearcats defeated Niagra 12-5 to adavnce to the Empre Conference Finals. Binghamton will now face Christopher Newport in game 1 of the Elite 8 Playoffs in Annapolis at 9AM

Luckily for us, Zhen Humenn, RIT co-manager and photographer extraordinaire, was on hand to provide us with the terrific photos.


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