Broken Stick Leads to Peru-Terps Lacrosse Connection

With most of the NCLL on spring break this week, we thought we would take a break from the game action and share some info on a DI team that’s giving something back to the lacrosse community.

The Maryland Terrapins Club Lacrosse team recently hosted a friendly scrimmage with the Peruvian National Team, who have their sites set on attending the 2018 World Championships in Israel this July. We caught up with Terps Lacrosse Club President Justin Tabatabai and Dan Lowery, Team Peru lacrosse player and discussed what brought these two teams together and what it takes to get a lax team into the World Games.

So when was the Peruvian National Team established?

Per Terps Lacrosse President, Justin Tabatabai:

The Peru Lacrosse Association (PLA) is about 8 years old. PLA is an associate member of the Federation of International Lacrosse (FIL). They have players in Peru and are also spread out all over the USA. The 2018 World Games is the first time they will be fielding a national team. They are one of the 48 teams to play in the 2018 World Lacrosse Championship held in Israel this year. The club also works to promote the sport of lacrosse in the capital of Peru, Lima, by hosting events and clinics at the national stadium where kids from all parts can come to see how the game is played. Additionally, they are promoting the game of lacrosse in Peru through media outreach such as debuting lacrosse on Peruvian Television programs.

What is the connection between the UMD Club Team and Peru Lacrosse? How did the connection start?

Per Terps Lacrosse President, Justin Tabatabai:

The connection between Terps Lacrosse Club and Peru Lax happened serendipitously over the 2017 Winter Break. After breaking my stick at practice, I headed over to Lacrosse Unlimited in Rockville, MD to purchase a new pole. While there, I conversed with the manager, Sean Young, only to find out that he was a Terps Lacrosse alum from 2014. After I mentioned that I was looking for a box league to keep the team involved over winter break, he mentioned that there were free pickup games every Sunday morning at Gaithersburg High School. The following Sunday, I went to break in my new stick and played with a good bunch of the guys, old college players and current NCLL players alike. I was then added to the Facebook group for the pickup league, and saw that there was an upcoming pickup game with team Peru the weekend that the Spring 2018 semester started. I reached out to one of the national team players, Daniel Lowery, and he set-up the friendly scrimmage with some of the Peru National Team players during their final tryout rounds in early 2018.

Besides a scrimmage, what else did the Terps do to help the Peruvian Team?

Per Terps Lacrosse President, Justin Tabatabai:

The funds for the donation came from pooling the teams’ playing fees together and allocating a percentage to the Peruvian Lacrosse Association. We donated $100 to PLA in order to help subsidize travel related expenses for the program. Although we realize that travel costs are substantially more than just $100, we hope to pass on the sentiment of support to the Peruvian team, and to demonstrate an immeasurable respect for them as they take on the formidable task of not only competing in the 2018 World Lacrosse Championship, but also in growing the sport of lacrosse back in the beautiful country of Peru. As fellow lacrosse players, we love to see the passion of the game spread to all corners of the world, Peru included.

 How much money will Team Peru need to raise to get a squad to Israel?

Per Terps Lacrosse President, Justin Tabatabai:

The estimated cost per player is about $4000 to get to Isreal. While some players are self funded, PLA still has a lot of players who will need sponsors. The travel roster is about 23 players, so a minimum estimate of $92,000 is needed to ensure the full travel roster is able to make it to Israel for the Championship tournament. There are different donor levels to recognize those who have donated to the program. If you are at all interested in donating to their journey or sponsoring a player, a break down of the donor levels and their respective perks can be found here:

During the scrimmage, did you keep score? What did MD players think of Peru’s skill level and vice versa?

Per Terps Lacrosse President, Justin Tabatabai:

Score wasn’t particularly tracked during the game, it was more of a friendly scrimmage type of event. However, the Maryland club team was impressed with the level of Peruvian players, who definitely had college lacrosse players from NCLL and varsity D1/D2 programs sprinkled into their roster. The Peruvian team has sizable defense men and good chemistry on offense to create a well-balanced team. The Terps are excited to follow developments of their journey as it unfolds this Summer on July 12th – 21st  in Netanya Stadium, Netanya, Israel.

Per Daniel Lowery, PLA player:

The Peru national team players have nothing but respect for the MD players. Maryland is such a hotbed for lacrosse talent, we are just stoked that they came out and scrimmaged with us. It definitely challenged us and made for a great afternoon. We just wished we had our Peru based players on hand so they could learn from the MD players as well.

 Whats next for Peru lax? More scrimmages in the US? How can others donate?

Per Daniel Lowery, PLA player:

Peru Lacrosse Association will continue to condition and train. Most of our players are either on a high school or college team, or coach. So the spring season is busy lacrosse time. The Peruvian based players practice everyday. In March, two of our players will be traveling to Peru to work with our team there. Our head coach will be going down to Peru in May as well. We have other scrimmages scheduled with the goal of bringing the whole team together.

We ask for folks to help spread the word about the Peruvian Lacrosse Association. We are actively looking for Peruvian-American players to add to our association. We are also looking for generous folks to donate to our cause. is where you can connect with us, get merchandise, donate or become a corporate sponsor.  Thanks !


The Terps hope to be able to scrimmage Peru again soon, but we know that they are buckling down to prepare for the upcoming championship in July. That being said, Peru’s journey depends on the generosity of fellow Peruvians and fellow lacrosse players alike. We encourage people to support PLA by purchasing merchandise and contributing even small donations through their website:

 The NCLL is grateful that the Terrapins welcomed Peru into their lacrosse family and proud of their efforts to help them prepare for their trip this summer. We’ll be keeping an eye on Team Peru and hope the make an impact on the lacrosse world stage.

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