Buckeyes Close Out Fall Season vs MCLA’s Miami of Ohio

Editors Note: With the NCLL Fallball season coming to a close and me too busy Xmas shopping on-line and pounding eggnog, we managed to get a hold of Mike Wells to capture as much Midwest/Deep South Conference action as possible. Mike not only takes great photos but keeps notes on all the action. Here’s his latest report.

Miami came out strong! #8 McNair started the game with some great saves in goal for Ohio State, but #0 Alex was able to get a rebound off of McNair and get Miami on the board first. 4:00 later, it was #31 Chris for Miami. 8:00 into the game, Ohio State had yet to have a shot on goal. Miami was simply winning every faceoff and controlling the game. It took 12:00 for Ohio State to successfully get a shot on goal. #39 Josh was able to send one from double coverage and have it bounce off #30 Kevin in goal for Miami and roll into the goal, making the score 2-1 in favor of Miami.

17:00 into the first half, still locked at 2-1, Miami started what would be complete domination. #31 Chris would score 3 goals in the next 6:00. Ohio State was able to get a few shots on goal, but #30 Kevin was not letting ANYTHING past him. With 2:00 to play until the half, Miami found themself with the ball. They held the ball until there was :02 remaining on the clock. At that time, Jacob sent on into the goal past #8 McNair, bringing the score to 6-1 Miami at halftime. McNair was simply not himself in goal for Ohio State. In the Spring we saw McNair dominate in goal, stopping some of the most impressive shots. But, today McNair was just not in his zone.

1:00 into the second half, #19 Quinn made the score 7-1 in favor of Miami, as the RedHawks continued their dominance. 2:00 later, #0 Miles hit the post, got his own rebound and got it past McNair to bring the score to 8-1. It was only 3:00 until #80 Luke added another one for Miami, bringing the score to 9-1. Ohio State simply had no defense. They were playing in a zone, and once the RedHawks figured out how to break their zone, the Buckeyes were unable to adjust. Without winning faceoffs, and with a broken zone, the Buckeyes were helpless against a hungry Miami offense.

With 14:00 to play, Ohio State was up a man due to a block in the back; but the Buckeyes were unable to capitalize on it.With 9:30 to play, the Buckeyes would find themselves up a man again, but still, were unable to capitalize on it, leaving the score at 9-1 with 9:00 to play. The RedHawks would then add three more. #36 Rugen, #9 Bobby “Skippy” and #8 Mason with :19 to play. Miami would exit the field with a 12-1 victory over Ohio State.

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