Lousiville Tops Butler In Fall Ball Opener

Editors Note: With the NCLL Fallball season underway and my fantasy football squad eating up the majority of my free time, we managed to get a hold of Mike Wells again this fall to capture as much Midwest/Deep South Conference action as possible. Mike not only takes great photos but keeps notes on all the action. Here’s his latest report.

The Butler Bulldogs came out strong, winning the opening faceoff and taking the ball down and scoring on their first possession. #19 Kai got one by Louisville Goalie, #25 Sam Long on his first shot. This had the Louisville defenders looking puzzled and questioning their approach. Minor adjustments were made, as the Cardinals won the next faceoff and took the ball onto the Butler side of the field. After numerous passes and working the ball around the Dawgs defense, #5 Lucas Porter found the back of the net for Louisville. Porter was able to work his way between Dawgs defenders and have a clean one-on-one with the Butler Goalie, Aidan Dowdy. Dowdy would find himself in this one-on-one situation more and more as the game continued.

7:00 later, #44 Nick Buchbinder would find a wide-open #5 Lucas Porter, standing right next to the Butler goal, and Lucas would score his second goal of the game; but Lucas wasn’t done. After a two minute rest due to a broken stick, Lucas would come back onto the field and score his third goal within a 20:00 period of time. Lucas would take a small break from the spotlight, as Freshman #17 Jackson MoRose would score just before the half.

With a 4-1 lead at the half and 4 unanswered goals, the Cards seemed to have things pretty well in hand. Head Coach, Ryan McCauley reminded his Cardinals not to think about the score and to come out in the second half as if the score was 0-0. The Cards offense was unable to score on their first few shots of the second half, but a bad pass from Butler Goalie, Aidan Dowdy would be stolen by Cards #44 Nick Buchbinder and Nick would find himself in a one-on-one with Aidan and score for the Cards, bringing the score to 5-1 in favor of Louisville. Lucas would then add not one, but two more goals, bringing his total to 5 goals. Lucas had scored 5 of the 7 goals for Louisville, as they led 7-1 with 15:00 to play.

With 10:00 to play, the Cards defense started to play soft. Nobody was really attacking the ball, but rather just allowing the Butler offense to shoot from afar. #19 Kai had many shots on goal, but couldn’t get any past Goalie #25 Sam Long of Louisville. #10 of Butler found an opening with 7:00 to play and finally added another point to the Butler side of the scoreboard, stopping a 7 goal run by Louisville. The Louisville defensive focus was still fading. They were settling for shots on the run, and simply not attacking the ball thanks to their lead.

With just under 1:00 to play, #12 Holden Summers would score another Louisville goal to bring the score to 8-2 in favor of Louisville, and the clock would expire with that being the final score. #5 Lucas Porter walked off the field after scoring 5 of the Cards 8 goals and placing other teams’ eyes on him as the main shooter for Louisville.

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