Miami Of Ohio Gets Big Fall Ball Win Over Butler

Editors Note: With the NCLL Fallball season underway and my impeachment investigation in full swing, we managed to get a hold of Mike Wells to capture as much Midwest/Deep South Conference action as possible. Mike not only takes great photos but keeps notes on all the action. Here’s his latest report.

The game started at 1:00pm. By 1:04pm, #23 Jacob had already put Miami on the scoreboard. It only took Jacob and the RedHawks 4:00 to score against the Butler defense. 4:00 later, Jacob did it again! 2-0, both goals coming from Jacobs for the RedHawks.

With 16:11 remaining in the first half, the Butler Bulldogs took a timeout to regroup.

Still trailing by the score of 2-0, the Bulldogs were not able to get a strong offensive push against the RedHawks defense. Butler would get the break that they were looking for, as Miami was called for tripping, placing Butler one man up just a couple minutes after the timeout.

With a regrouped and refocused offense, the Bulldogs attacked the Miami net, but when the first shot went wide, the Bulldogs turned the ball over, allowing the RedHawks to kill the penalty and any hopes the Bulldogs had of scoring on them.

But, Miami would turn the ball over and allow #43 Carl to send one past the Miami goalie, bringing the score to 2-1 in favor of Miami. Miami would win the faceoff and start a possession that would last over six minutes. After numerous stops by #15 Aidan at goalie for Butler, and multiple wide shots, #31 Chris of Miami would find himself in a one-on-one situation with Aidan and bring the score to 3-1 in favor of the RedHawks. But, Chris wasn’t done. 3:00 later, Chris put another one in the back of the goal, this time from afar, bringing the score to 4-1 in favor of Miami.

With 6:00 to play in the first half, #10 Will kept the Bulldogs hopes alive by bringing the score to 4-2 in favor of Miami, but the Bulldogs still had a lot of work to do to catch the RedHawks. Butler took a timeout with the ball and 1:12 to play until the half. The plan was to hold the ball and have the final shot, but a turnover gave the ball back to Miami, who had the same game-plan. With :03 until the half, #31 Chris landed the final shot of the half past #15 Aidan to bring the score to 5-2 in favor of Miami headed into the half. #31 Chris had scored the last three goals for Miami, and they carried that momentum to the second half.

What looked like a pretty close game, was taken over by the RedHawks. This was primarily due to the Butler defense breaking down and allowing Miami to take advantage of them. #49 Ethan scored quickly for Miami; followed by #36 Ruben, #0 Triston #35 Bobby, and #11 Jacob. Miami was a well-oiled machine against a struggling Butler defense. Even Butler goalie #15 Aidan coming out didn’t change things for the Butler defense. The problem was, the Bulldogs were trying to double-team the offensive RedHawk in possession of the ball, thus leaving at least one man open all the time.

The Bulldogs’ defense was not causing the turnovers they wanted, but instead were allowing Miami to find the open man, giving this open man a clean one-on-one with the Butler goalie. Over and over again, the Butler goalies found themselves one-on-one with a RedHawk with the ball just feet from them.

With 8:00 to play, and the scoreboard reading 11-2 in favor of Miami, #22 Grant was finally able to score a second-half goal for the Bulldogs thanks to Miami being down a man due to an illegal body check to the goalie. With the score being 11-3, and with over 7:00 to play, Miami wasn’t done just yet. They had given Butler their one goal for the second half, but their offense was far from done. #3 TJ scored in yet ANOTHER one-on-one situation, and #0 Miles found the goal with 1:29 to play, and AGAIN with just :08 to play. Miami would leave the Butler University campus and Indianapolis with a 14-3 W over the Bulldogs.

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