The National College Lacrosse League announced today that Moravian College has been awarded the Norio Endo Living Legacy Award. The award was established in recognition of the passion and tireless efforts for growing the sport of lacrosse for a common cause of competition, sportsmanship and friendship. The NCLL is honored to be able to recognize Norio’s vision and spirit by honoring that school’s lacrosse President/Founder and team who has done much to establish a standard of excellence within that university’s athletic department by creating a strong foundation for the program now and in the future. As such, the Greyhounds lacrosse program and Presidents Kevin Jordan and Mike Birnbaum are hereby honored for their dedication and commitment in the face of adversity for promoting the sport of lacrosse and sportsmanship while at Moravian College. After discontinuing both their women’s and men’s NCAA lacrosse teams in the spring of 2010, the leadership of Kevin Jordan and Mike Birnbaum enabled the remaining players to transition to the NCLL while staying on to graduate within their programs. Choosing to stay for their first priorities of academics while also wanting to compete at the highest level possible, Moravian entered the Keystone Conference (EPA) and immediately went to work in completing a 11-6 overall record, while also earning a bid to the National Tournament. As a testament to their tenacity and team cohesiveness, the Greyhounds overcame a five goal deficit in the Elite 8 that propelled them into the Final Four, where Moravian would eventually earn a Top Five National Ranking. Competing in their second season, the Greyhounds would finish in the Top Ten with a 10-6 overall record as the Greyhounds made another run to the Conference Championships. “Competing at a high level, maintaining perspective and exhibiting competitiveness and sportsmanship throughout, it is a great privilege to honor the legacy of Norio Endo’s spirit and love for lacrosse as the entire Moravian program is well deserving of this 1st celebration. Kevin and Mike were instrumental in not only creating the program, but also carrying on a spirit that holds a special place for those that competed on the team,” stated President Jamie McNealey. More information will be forthcoming as a date will be announced to present the 2011 and 2012 teams with the Endo Award during the spring as the program transitions back to NCAA Division III.

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