NCLL Podcast Season 2 Episode 4; Q&A Part 1

In this weeks Podcast, we sit down with NCLL President Jamie McNealey to answer your questions regarding the league, the All Pro Presidents Polls, our National Tournament and even the league fees and player registration dues. Have a listen and comment below.

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  1. Thanks for the podcast, Jamie and Woody. We appreciate you all taking the time to listen, read, and respond to our concerns as students. We know the NCLL isn’t your full-time jobs, and it does require the attention/care of several dedicated professionals (maybe more so than us students will ever know/appreciate). We can tell you guys are trying your best to give us a worthwhile and fun college lax experience — and we recognize that’s not always the easiest task. These questions aren’t personal, we’re just advocating for some of the concerns that our teammates have expressed is all. Like you all said, your respect has been earned with the years of service in the league, and we respect you both even if there are some professional disagreements.

    – You mentioned how LaxPower’s free inputting saved a lot of money by emailing presidents directly and posting the results free of charge. Why does having an in-house NCLL staff (Christian Thomas I believe you mentioned) cost so much more for the league?
    – How much does this score/schedule management service cost?
    – Do you believe, push come to shove, a free Google Sheet can sufficiently serve the NCLL’s needs for determining playoff seeds/social media schedule? Programs will be inclined to post their schedules/results if it means their media coverage/playoff eligibility is dependent on THEM proactively inputting it.
    – Where is the National Playoff Weekend being hosted this year? Several programs have shared confusion on whether they are/aren’t hosting it, can you clarify where it is confirmed to be?
    – You mentioned giving T-shirts away — for playoffs, for season openers, 20th-anniversary champions, fall brawl, etc. I think everyone likes free shirts, and it’s sometimes nice to splurge on apparel in order to #GrowTheGame as you said. How much of the $130k goes towards shirts? As cool as free shirts are, I think students would stop viewing them as “cool”/elect to end them if they now cost a $25 upcharge via the registration fee.
    – As you mentioned, the NCLL brings in $130,000+ via league fees each year, with several expenditure considerations:
    – $3000 for playoff bus shuttles
    – $11000 for playoff officials
    – $1000 travel credit (i.e. Deep South)
    – How much for the 20 NCLL playoff staff + athletic trainers, balls + shirts + LegendCaps, bussing teams (i.e. Radford), buying pinnies for teams (California), 3 part time staff, etc.
    – The first 3 items you provided price tags for, and the 4th bullet lists some expenditures you mentioned the NCLL provides for programs. Can you clarify how much EACH of these expenditures cost last Spring 2018? Only ~$15k was explicitly clarified and we were just wondering what the other costs added up to in total?
    – If the registration fee is postponed/repealed, would the NCLL be able to fully refund the teams who paid the $25/player? (i.e. James Madison)
    – Any follow-up thoughts on the NCLL voting body? 75% ratification target? Voting platform possibilities? What can / can’t be voted on?

    Hope your DIY trip in Waco was a good one Woody! And thanks for taking on the softballs (and hardballs) Jamie.


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