Players, Coaches, Gotta Question For The NCLL?

It’s  a new year folks and a new season in the NCLL. And with that comes some new faces to the league and the NCLL organization.

Since the preseason conference calls, it seems more concerns and questions have arisen about everything from scheduling to dues. So instead of filling up everyone’s mailboxes with emails or trying to get everyone on another conference call, we thought we’d give you this platform to ask your questions below.

Yes, there is comment section on every blog we post. Please use it!!

Ask any question you like and the NCLL staff will regroup in one week and answer all of your questions in our weekly Podcast.

If this works out, we can do it as often as you like, or until all questions and concerns have been addresses.

There are only 2 few rules.

  1. Keep it clean (nothing disgusting, vulgar, or inappropriate).
  2. Keep your questions related to the NCLL, your team, your conferences or just lacrosse in general.

So, post your questions below! We’ll compile them and address them on an upcoming Podcast. We hope everyone see’s the value in this open forum and we are dedicated to being as transparent as possible

Thank you



7 Replies to “Players, Coaches, Gotta Question For The NCLL?”

  1. Aside from trophies, shirts, and the payment of refs from the Elite Eight and upward I was wondering as to what the entirety of the NCLL team registration fee is used towards, thanks

  2. We understand that services and products cost money, that’s a fact of life.
    Our question is, how is the money from team registrations used (besides the playoff trophies, shirts, and the payment of refs from the Elite Eight and onward).
    ~130 teams in the league x $1025 team registration fee per team = ~$133,250. We simply can’t imagine that the combined D1 + D2 playoffs cost more than $20,000 all things considered, especially because schools host their turf fields/facilities free-of-charge.
    Will the NCLL release a spreadsheet AND receipts of what all of our money was used for during the Spring 2018 season? Our players are asking for transparency and we don’t have any receipts to show where their $$$ is going within the NCLL.

    The three main points for the extra $25 fee are…
    1. Player eligibility
    2. League standings + game results
    3. Social media presence

    1. Programs can simply submit rosters with documentation from the University registrar office for free in order to prove all full-time student enrollments.
    2. Why not have a Google spreadsheet where teams can comment their scores from their games? The other team has to comment “VERIFIED” or “DISPUTE” if the score/result is truthful or not, and we all hold each other’s reporting accountable for free. Everyone would have comment access only, not full edit privileges.
    3. We must admit, we love seeing Paul Woody at the games. He is a stand-up guy who somehow makes time for snapping photos, interviews, blog posts, etc ALL WHILE BEING A DAD OF THREE. Seriously, hats off to you Woody, you do a hell of a job. That being said, a concern of teams is that not all teams receive equal coverage and it seems unfair to charge everyone a blanket price. Why not make “social media coverage” an opt-in contract service for big tournaments, round robins, conference games, etc. We’re happy to cover Woody’s travel fees, work rate, etc. for tournaments/big games we host.

    Additionally, there’s been mixed opinions on the $25 per player registration fee. We expect other clubs to comment their concerns, but our big question is:
    Why can’t we put any of these amendments to a vote? Why not poll the D1 and D2 teams (separately) on what each division wants and is willing to pay for during their club experience. If each program had one vote (president/coach), I could at least tell my guys that the OTHER STUDENTS in the league see a need for expanded services and that there was a majority (60%) ruling. A lot of my guys won’t back this amendment because it is not student led, when this league is supposed to be for the students.

    There were many questions embedded in this response, so I’ll condense everything we need answered:
    – How is the current $100,000+ from teams across the league spent?
    – Can the NCLL release a spreadsheet and verifiable receipts to corroborate the reported expenditures (Spring 2018)?
    – Why not utilize free university resources (i.e. registrar office) to confirm roster eligibility?
    – Why not utilize a free google spreadsheet (with specific edit access) to track league standings/results?
    – Why not make (the awesome) social media coverage an opt-in service for host teams?
    – Why is there no voting body for the NCLL teams? 1 vote per program to ratify proposed amendments (from the league or other teams) with a 60% majority needed

    If every one of these points is *sufficiently* addressed, then we will apply for SGA funding to cover our roster and submit accordingly.


  3. Two questions for you…

    1) Why do you not require teams to play everyone in their conference in order to qualify for the conference championships? At a minimum, I think you should dictate that you have to play a TBD percentage of your conference in order to qualify.

    2) Why do you not dictate that teams have to have more matching uniform items (i.e. – helmets, uniforms, etc)? I think the more you allow teams to “slap things together”, the more you are hurting the NCLL brand.

  4. What would happen to the teams that have not paid the player registration fees and refuse to do so? Some teams seem to have had already paid the fee while others are fully against it.

  5. We agree with the Terps on their points and we want to reiterate their concerns.

    We would like to know:
    • What our ‘Player Registration Fees’ are going towards and why they need to be tied to the number of players we have? What difference does a large team make versus a small team?
    • If a replacement of Lax Power is coming, when is it coming? Can we get a timeline for that project? Also, a Google spreadsheet could do just as good of a job. Even it if is view only, it shouldn’t take very many resources to produce something sufficient for us.
    • What if our team does not have the budget for the registration fees? It is a large ask for us to go back to our players and get them to hand over another $25. Will teams be punished if they are not able to pay this fee?
    • Why wasn’t this fee brought up earlier and in more detail? Many teams were caught off guard and were not ready for when it was due.
    • We would like to see a forum on where we can post questions similar to what we are asking today. The voting system mentioned by the Terps is a good start.
    • We would also like to see an open forum for teams to post in for scheduling purposes, instead of asking via Instagram and Twitter.
    • Lastly, we would rather have an increase in League fees (something like $1,025 to $1,400) instead of a player registration fee. It unnecessarily punishes larger teams and it is extremely difficult to have a team register their entire roster. There has to be a better way for you to keep track of the players in the league.

    Many other teams will post good questions and we are looking forward to hear your response.

  6. Couple of questions for the NCLL –

    Has the NCLL thought of putting together a committee or group of representatives for each team before coming out with new policies or increase in fees?

    Could an increase in league fees be added to supplement the additional costs of the league instead of the $25 per player. Some clubs cannot make cuts and do not play. Making guys pay an additional fee outside of team dues just seems a bit much. Wouldn’t the league like to see all the guys in matching uniforms/helmets?

    Could a google spreadsheet be used to track results. I understand the want for statistics but I do not know if many of the teams actually keep track.

    What happened to the Presidents Poll as the way of determining rankings?

    With the new shot clock rules as they are very hard to officiate. What are the steps for making the came more fluent and not having the call be so subjective. It should not be officiated differently based on the time frame of the game.

    With there being smaller number of D1 teams compared to D2 teams is there any way to restructure the conferences? Teams are required to play conference games but in D1 especially conferences range from up to 6 teams in the Chesapeake down to 1 team in the Keystone.

    To maintain eligibility requirements teams could go to their registrar office and get confirmation. If a definitive date is set for scheduling/ rosters it would stress the importance of these items.

    Could Playoffs be done over a longer period of time? I believe in the MCLA and even the Women’s College League has their national playoffs over 3-5 day periods where they compete for National Champions to 16th. Three games in 2 days is tough and pushes teams to the limit.

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