The NCLL Announce Today the Creation of the Norio Endo Living Legacy Award

Annapolis, MD

The award is established in recognition of the passion and tireless efforts for growing the sport of lacrosse for a common cause of competition, sportsmanship and friendship. Norio Endo, a retired U.S. Navy captain and decorated Vietnam War veteran was instrumental in popularizing the sport of lacrosse in Japan and co-founded the Japanese Lacrosse Association. The Endo Legacy Award is given in remembrance of his fortitude, foresight and visionary skills contributing to the JLA’s success with over 15,000 current members to become a competing member in the World Lacrosse Championships held every four years. From an initial group of 10 lacrosse players in 1987, there are currently over 80,000 active players in Japan. The NCLL is honored to be able to recognize Norio’s vision and spirit by creating the Endo Living Legacy Award, given to that school’s lacrosse President: and who has done much to establish a standard of excellence within that university’s athletic department by creating a strong foundation for the program now and in the future. The main criteria of this award will consist of:  recommendation from NCLL for organization, communication and passion for growing the game recommendation from the university and administration high marks from opposing teams, officials and administrators in regard to integrity and sportsmanship awarded based on founding fathers or current officers and team to that program which best exemplify Norio Endo tireless and selfless determination to grow the game. The 1st recipient will be announced Monday, February 2nd at www.ncllax.comCLICK HERE for more information on Norio Endo.

2 Replies to “The NCLL Announce Today the Creation of the Norio Endo Living Legacy Award”

  1. Just want to say how glad I am that the web site will be very active. I started reffing the NCLL games with Scott F. when he started the league in 1990 and have watched it grow in size as of teams but the web site was always lacking. I even helped Jamie out and assigned the Chesapeake division league for 2 years but had to give it up due to work and some health issues. I still ref for Jamie and Mac Ross today and enjoy every game. I am sure I have reffed you 2 men since I also do the ALL League, Masters, and Grandmasters and I also assign and ref the Ocean City tournament. Again thanks and good luck in moving this web site forward. Dave

    1. Thanks Dave! We appreciate the positive feedback! I am sure you have ref’d a game a two for Tom and I along the way. Tom is the guy that always thumbs the ball!

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