The Running Joke That Is The Preseason Poll

When you need content for the lax website in February, when you need something to keep your dozens of followers active before the regular season begins, when you wanna spark some controversy and debate to get everyone hyped about the upcoming season, there’s only one thing to do…….make a preseason poll!

So, that’s what we did.

This year, we met at the NCLL offices in Severna Park, MD fresh off a long and disappointing Super Bowl weekend. We reviewed all of the preseason scouting reports, mulled over roster after roster, analyzed schedules and results from last season, watched numerous highlight videos on YouTube and downed at least three pots of coffee. Anything and everything to get this right!

We debated and debated, almost coming to blows on a few occasions, but in the end our professionalism and dedication to the league brought us back together. We finally agreed on the rankings, did a quick grammar and spellcheck and then posted it…on Twitter of course, the armpit of the internet,

So how’d we do?

Oops. That didn’t take long

Oh, and congrats to the Hoyas, that’s a big win to start the season!

Okay so maybe I exaggerated a bit on how we came up with the preseason list. But there is no real science to this, even the NCAA polls are way off this year. It’s honestly like throwing darts at a board.

But we’ll regroup, review the scores, and continue to spit out our weekly rankings, knowing that at the very least we will get the last poll of the season right.

We’re certain UVA will bounce back as well.

And don’t stop calling us out if you think we get it wrong. We want the feedback. We’re needy like that.

And last but not least, I’m really  glad to be back with the NCLL and looking forward to meeting all the new players and seeing freinds from last season. Let’s do this!


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