UPenn Game Advert Is Everything The NCLL Is About

Press Release:

What’s up lacrosse rats, come watch the 3-0 Penn Club Lacrosse team take on Villanova in an important division match-up this Sunday at 4pm in the Frank (Franklin Field).

The Quake show is off to a hot start, despite suspiciously simultaneous shoulder injuries to both Senior Captain/resident giraffe Jeff Johnson and sophomore bull dodger Casey Shoemaker. The two are now running a very tight box, with the team accumulating 0 subbing penalties in its last appearance (see appendix I).

Other notable players are senior veteran attackman Aaron Drooks, who wears a Roger Federer head tie; budding freshmen o-middies Owen Matthews and Max Baldridge, who are actually really good when they try; sophomore Matt Linehan who is 90% at the X and a force on defense; sophomore attackman Tim Nicklas who almost didn’t come to the Delaware game, because he thought he was tired and proceeded to score 4 goals; freshman goalie Harrison Fellheimer who has the loudest voice on the team; senior captain defenseman Clayton Gerber who has the highest-pitched voice on the team; and junior midfielder John Keblish who has not attended a team practice / competition yet because he had too much fun playing in England.

Bring your friends and family to Franklin Field this Sunday and soak up the beautiful 65-degree weather as the Quakers take on Villanova!

Appendix I: Last game @ Delaware the team recorded 0 penalties, though they were wrongfully charged with one after the other team tried to injure Tim Nicklas because he was playing so well. This is a vast improvement from past performances, which the team almost 100% attributes to newfound box coaches Johnson and Shoemaker.

UPenn Captain/President, Jay Jadeja



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