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The National College Lacrosse League announced today the addition of Paul Woody and Tom Huppmann, co-founders of 24 Seven Lax, as the league’s social media and web development team!

“As the premier college club lacrosse league, these additions allow us to meet and lead the national growth within our sport as we provide the best services for our members across the country. With our emphasis on a student-centric experience to provide the best college lacrosse journey while making sure costs are kept to a minimum: this allows us to be laser focused on upholding our original mission from 1990 as we meet the demands moving forward in spectacular and new ways. Everything we do and stand for as a group, allows our teams to concentrate on leading their teams and playing at a high level of lacrosse,” said NCLL President, Jamie McNealey, in a statement.

“As such, this completes an important milestone as we set out over a decade ago to ensure that we provide as much as we can to our teams to highlight and publish their achievements, milestones and stories. I cannot be happier to have to Tom and Paul join our team as this sets us on an important destination to take our league to the next level on a variety of platforms. Their insight and experience is exactly what we were looking for.”

Founded in 1990, the NCLL has grown from its original 16 collegiate lacrosse teams to over 130 men’s collegiate programs across 19 states.

About Woody:

Middle aged adolescent, that’s me in three words or less. I’m certain that my refusal to mature intellectually or take anything , including myself, very seriously is what keeps the gray hairs away.

When I’m not slugging 50 hours a week at major telecommunications integrator, taking care of an amazing wife, three wonderful kids and a crazy dog, I’m living lacrosse! It’s been a passion of mine since I was about eight years old, and although father time has closed the door on my playing career, I’m still deeply passionate about the sport and I am super excited to be a part of the NCLL!

Woody missing another shot wide during Blarney LC’s match up with Smartlink LC. Blarney Knight uni’s totally on point!

I began writing and photographing lacrosse back in 2011 with my Blarney LC teammate, Tom Huppmann. It was Tom who created 24SevenLax, a local Maryland media resource for all things lacrosse. A fresh but sometimes controversial blog that allowed me to spew just about anything I wanted to say about all things lax. We covered everything from local club ball  to the NCAA Finals and even the World Championships in Denver Colorado. For the 4 years we covered lacrosse we grew a decent fan base and established some amazing relationships across the lacrosse media platform. The 24SevenLax venture lead to writing and photography stints with Lax All-Stars and Inside Lacrosse.

After a short time off we’ve been given this wonderful opportunity to return to our keyboards to grow along side the NCLL and an entire generation of collegiate club lacrosse players. I look forward to getting to know as many of you as I can, making new friends across the country, hearing your incredible stories and immersing myself in the largest collegiate club lacrosse league in the nation.

About Tom:

What Woody lacks in gray hair, I more than make up for despite being significantly younger. I probably owe that to my day job in software and raising 3 boys in elementary, middle and high school. It’s the kids though that helps keep me young at heart and hip, with my finger on the pulse of what our younger audience is up to, lacrosse players included. Woody may not know about Ugandan Knuckles or the latest JW1 Hero Mesh, but he does know lacrosse.

I, on the other hand, can relate to college kids and the sport. Just ask my wife. She’s always saying things like, “how old are you” as she watches in awe as I hit dem folks or crush cans of Tab soda on my head before shotgunning them. Much like Woody though, I have a passion for the sport of lacrosse. Unlike my blistering shot and first step, that passion hasn’t faded over time. For a number of years, 24 Seven Lax served to scratch that itch, but after shuttering the blog division of 24 Seven Lax, I found out pretty quickly that I missed talking lacrosse with Woody and our faithful audience. When I was approached by Woody and the NCLL to assist with promoting and covering an underserved part of the lacrosse community, I jumped at the chance.

Tom setting up his defensemen for another unsuccessful run at the cage.

I’m looking forward to getting to know more about the teams, athletes and the NCLL and sharing your stories. When I’m not behind the keyboard, I spend my scarce free time coaching lacrosse, working on my photography skills and now covering the NCLL.

So now that you know all about us, keep coming back to this site for game recaps, videos, podcasts, special features, gear reviews and player profiles. We’ll be reaching out to as many of you as we can! Tell us how you like the improvements to this site, as well as our Twitter and Instagram pages.

And last but certainly not least, tell us how the NCLL can improve your collegiate lacrosse experience, and help us make your time in the NCLL as memorable as possible. So welcome to the new National Collegiate Lacrosse League!

Got an interesting story you want us to cover, info on an upcoming game or tourney, or just a question for Woody or Tom? Hit them up at woody@24sevenlax.com or tom@24sevenlax.com

NEXT UP: Conference/Team Previews


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