Quick Glance Division II Conference Championships

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2014 Conference Championships


Saturday April 26 Midwest Conference hosted by Bowling Green State University

10:00am          Bowling Green  v Bellarmine

12:00pm          Saginaw Valley v UM-Flint

2:00pm            Midwest North Conference Championship


Saturday April 26 Blue Ridge/Tidewater Conference at Old Dominion University

1:00pm           Virginia Military Institute v Old Dominion

3:00pm           Lynchburg v Christopher Newport

5:00pm           Blue Ridge/Tidewater Conference Championship


Saturday April 26 NY Metro/New England Conference hosted by Stevens

TBA      Stevens v Wildcard

TBA      New England Seed #1 v Wildcard

TBA      NY Metro/New England Conference Championship


Saturday April 26 Empire Conference at RIT

2:45pm            RPI       v RIT

4:30pm            Ithaca  v Niagara

6:15pm            Empire Conference Conference Championship


Sunday April 27 Midwest/Deep South Conference hosted by Eastern Kentucky University

12:00pm          EKU v Akron

2:00pm            UTC v Ball State

4:00pm            Midwest South/Deep South Conference Championship


Saturday April 26/Sunday April 27 Liberty Conference TBA

TBA      St. Joseph's v #4

TBA      #2 v #3

TBA      Liberty Conference Championship


Sunday April 27 Keystone Conference at Bloomsburg University

4:00pm    Slippery Rock    v #4   TBA                    Sports Field Turf

4:00pm    Bloomsburg      v #3   TBA                    Redman Stadium

6:00pm    Keystone Conference Championship   Sports Field Turf


Saturday April 26/Sunday April 27 Chesapeake Conference TBA

TBA      UMBC v #4

TBA      GMU   v #3

TBA      Chesapeake Conference Championship















As of April 14
Division I Top 20

1.     Virginia (12-1)* 

2.     James Madison (8-1)

3.     Navy (5-1)

4.     Penn State (7-2)*

5.     Salisbury (6-2)                   

6.     Towson (9-3)                      

7.     Penn (9-3)

8.     Rutgers (5-3)                            

9.     Hofstra (10-2)               

10.   Cortland (4-2)*

11.   Cincinnati (8-3)*     

12.   Cornell (1-3)                

13.   Syracuse (7-5)

14.   Vermont (7-3)*

15.   Maryland (5-5)

16.   Michigan (9-4)

17.   Stony Brook (6-0)   

18.   Delaware LC (2-5)  

19.   UMass-Amherst (5-2)

20.   Fairfield (3-2)

*Denotes Conference Champion (All conference champions ranked #8 or higher will receive home playoff bid.)

Others considered: Duke, Albany, Loyola, Lafayette, Fordham, Ohio State


As of April 14
Division II Top 25


1.     Binghamton (7-0)                   

2.     Slippery Rock (8-0)               

3.     RPI (11-0)

4.     St. Joseph’s (8-1)   

5.     Ithaca (6-1)

6.     Temple (9-4)  

7.     VMI (7-2)                               

8.     Bowling Green (7-1)                      

9.     RIT (7-1)                

10.   UMBC (7-2)

11.   Lynchburg (5-6)                     

12.   Christopher Newport (9-3)

13.   Richmond (5-3)              

14.   George Mason (4-4)                               

15.   Bloomsburg (7-2)   

16.   West Chester (3-5)        

17.   Stevens Tech (4-2)                 

18.   Eastern Kentucky (5-1) 

19.   UT-Chattanooga (5-4)                   

20.   Xavier (3-3)   

21.   Ball State (4-3)

22.   Bellarmine (4-2)

23.   Saginaw Valley (6-2)

24.   Susquehanna (8-4)

25t.  Quinnipiac (2-3)

25t.  Lock Haven (4-3)   
25t. St. Bonaventure (5-1)


Others considered: York, Old Dominion, Trinity, PSU-Altoona, Georgetown, New Paltz, Columbia, St. Mary’s College of MD, East Stroudsburg, Akron, Millersville, Michigan-Flint

NCLL National Lacrosse Championship
Annapolis, MD-The National College Lacrosse League announced that the NCLL will host the National Lacrosse Championship with NCLL member schools Howard University, Hampton University and Morgan State Morgan State. With the three member schools, the tournament will invite the best overall team to include as the fourth team in a single elimination Final Four format with a Championship and Consolation. The NCLL expects the weekend to include several elite high school games as a precursor to the collegiate competition. Over the next four years, the NCLL National Lacrosse Championship will rotate each year to accommodate each home institution and maximize campus and community attendance. "With the addition of Hampton in 2012 and the subsequent expansion of lacrosse in the HBCU  community, the schools have built a great rivalry across all sports and the NCLL is excited to host that intensity and competitiveness and bring it to the lacrosse venue," stated NCLL President Jamie McNealey. "With the efforts of Cameron Brock at Howard and Coach Krehnbrink at Morgan State, hosting the event in the Washington DC and Baltimore metro area for the first two years will create a solid foundation for all participating schools as well as allow our student-athletes to play in front of their families and friends over the course of each rotation." Expected sites will follow in Hampton Roads/Virginia Beach, VA with third year member Hampton University. For more information, follow www.ncllax.com. Originally published 11/1/12/

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